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Do you daydream about brand new landscaping? Scituate MA is a great place to do just that. Once you’ve awakened from your midday reverie, give us a call at 781.337.1925. We are Hynes Landscaping of Weymouth MA and we can do wonderful things with your outdoor spaces. Let us make your landscaping dreams come true.

If you are trying to come up with some great ideas for your outdoor spaces, spend some time browsing our portfolio of completed projects. Hynes Landscaping Scituate MA has been doing wonderful things with local yards for many years. We can take an ordinary yard and transform it into a delightful and natural space. We know everything there is to know about plants and grasses that will thrive in Massachusetts. If any company that touts landscaping Scituate MA suggests that you plant palm trees and saguaro cactus in your yard, call a different landscaper. In fact, save yourself time and trouble by getting in touch with Hynes right now. Let’s discuss your landscaping Scituate MA options. Each outdoor space is unique, with its own patterns of sunlight and shadow and its own drainage situation. We will evaluate your yard and make suggestions regarding the types of trees, grasses and flowering plants that would work for you.

When you envision the ideal landscaping Scituate MA, what do you see in your mind’s eye? A wooded yard with plenty of lushly leafed shade trees? Do you imagine an old Victorian knotted herb garden? Are there flower beds in your vision? Hynes Landscaping Scituate MA can do any landscape trick you can imagine, and we’ll do it right the first time. We are master landscapers and hardscapers, too. Want an interlocking paver walkway that meanders through your yard at a leisurely pace? We can build that for you. How about a nice brick wall or a tile floored patio? You would be hard pressed to name one landscape or hardscape feature that we can’t make.

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