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Why Your Yard Matters: The Braintree Homeowner’s Guide

A yard is so much more than the patch of grass that separates your front door from the street. Your yard is part of your share in the American dream, a place where you can make a statement about what’s meaningful to you.

Some lawns are very traditional. You’ll see lush expanses of carefully mowed green grass edged by manicured hedges and flower beds where every blossom knows its place. These yards speak volumes about the homeowner’s appreciation of the finer things, classic style and an attention to detail in even the smallest things. Some homeowners take great pride and devote tremendous energy into creating this look on their own; others call in their Braintree lawn service to create this exacting style.

Other lawns are more whimsical and carefree. Flowerbeds, ornamental plantings and even herb and vegetable gardens share space with children’s swing sets and playhouses. Green grass is important too: it’s important to have your Braintree lawn service plant especially hardy varieties of grass in high traffic areas. Because many children and pets have sensitivities to chemicals, there are all natural landscaping products for fertilizing and pest control available; ask for these to be used if this issue concerns you.

Your lawn communicates what type of people live in the home. It’s truly a form of self expression. What do you want to say to the world around you, from the neighbors who see your place every day to random people driving through Braintree? You have the ultimate control over this. Working with your Braintree landscape designer, you can truly have a beautiful yard that represents everything you hold to be important and true. Adding seating, outdoor masonry features, gazebos or structures for relaxing can make your yard even more enjoyable. You should love your home. Your yard is a huge part of making that happen.

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