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Landscape Service Makes It Safer for Seniors To Live Independently

“I’d like to tell you I don’t worry about Mom, but I do,” Marie said. “She lives all the way out in Hanover, and it’s a good three hour drive from my home. She’s getting up there in age, and I worry about people who try to take advantage of seniors.” Marie’s mother, Maryanna, used to take care of her own lawn care, but that’s changed over the past few years. “Her hip hurts when she gets on the riding mower,” Marie said. “So she put the job off and off and off…when I stopped in to visit her I was shocked at how tall the grass had gotten.”

A change in landscaping standards is the sort of visual cue that thieves and other bad people look for when deciding what homes to target. Going from a lawn where the grass being continually mowed, with the edges trimmed and shrubberies well maintained to a state where things have clearly been let go can indicate an absent homeowner or a homeowner who is no longer able to take care of things – in other words, a home that will be easier to rob than one occupied by an active, aware homeowner.

“I told Mom things couldn’t get like that for her safety, and she asked what was I going to do, drive up every week and mow the grass?” Marie laughed. “As much as I would love to be able to do that for Mom, that’s not a realistic option. So I called the Hanover landscape company to see how they could help.”

By providing regular mowing and other lawn care services, the Hanover landscape company was able to quickly restore Maryanna’s lawn to its normal orderly appearance. “I feel like this makes Mom safer,” Maria said. “These little things don’t seem like a lot, but they make a huge difference in your parents’ ability to live independently. So think about gifting your parents with lawn care service if that will help them out!”

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