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Family Friendly Landscape Design in Braintree

“There are some truly beautiful homes here in Braintree,” Dana said. “Their landscaping is flawless. But we have three kids, and I want to be able to have them enjoy playing outside. Is there such a thing as family friendly landscape design?”

Children love to play outdoors, and having open green spaces for active play is great for developing young bodies and minds. Working with a landscape designer, you can create a plan for your property that includes areas for children’s play as well as features that ensure your home fits in with neighborhood norms.

Landscaping plans can be created using zones, based on what parts of your property are visible to the neighbors, as well as people driving by. Every family has different comfort levels: some people like to have very private spaces for their children to play, while others prefer a more open landscape. Your landscape designer will learn your preferences and make recommendations regarding fencing, hedges, or even masonry walls to provide the experience you’d like to have your children to have.

The selection of plants in your landscape design makes a huge difference in family friendliness as well. Integrating attractive edibles, such as raspberries, grapes, or even cherry tomatoes can give kids a safe ‘pick and eat’ experience right in their yards. Ornamental plantings can boost curb appeal, while adding color, grace and elegance to your yard.

When you’re meeting with your Braintree landscape designer, they’re going to want to know your style preferences. An easy way to communicate this is to save pictures of yards and gardens you really like to boards on Pinterest; during your meeting, you can share these with your landscape designer, so they can easily visualize what appeals to you. This will help the craft an individualized plan that will work with your landscape and your sense of style.

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