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Dream Season Starts Now: Massachusetts Yard & Garden Plans

After a long, dry summer, we’ve enjoyed the jewel tone exuberance of a Massachusetts autumn. The leaves are whirling in the wind and the temperature drops a little more each day. You know what that means: it’s time to head indoors and start the joyous process of creating next year’s landscape plans. Here’s what Boston area homeowners have been thinking about:

The Edible Landscape: The interest in local fruits, vegetables and herbs continues to be strong. What could be more local than growing your own? You can enjoy the benefits of gardening without needing to transform your property into a mini-farm. Work with your landscape designer to create manageable raised beds, add fruiting trees and bushes to the yard, or adding a small greenhouse to keep things fun and simple.

Drought Hardy Plantings: One dry summer is more than enough to convince many Western MA homeowners of the value of using hardy native plants in the landscape. Grasses, shrubs, and other ornamental plantings that didn’t make it through last year’s rough conditions will need to be replaced. Now is the time to research what you’d like to have instead. Use Pinterest to collect images of plantings and gardens you find particularly compelling. Your Boston landscape designer can help you make them happen!

Bringing The Outdoors In: Whether you fall in love with the flowers you see on vacation or want to bring the natural landscape in, transition areas such as porches, patios and terraces are playing an increasingly important role in Boston landscape plans. No space is too small to be beautiful! Custom designed window boxes and entranceways have a huge impact on a home’s curb appeal. Focusing landscaping efforts on small impactful areas can truly transform the appearance of the home without major landscape work needing to be done: if your home needs a fresh look for the new year, this is a great place to start!

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